Cosmetic Usage

Cottonindo Ariesta pioneered the development of cotton products for health. The company produces a number of products such as, cotton roll, dental cotton, mini cotton ball, cotton ball in various sizes. In near future, Cottonindo will present a number of more varied products with various needs for hospitals and health industries to support the availability and self-sufficiency of health cotton products for the people of Indonesia.

Facial Cotton

A piece of cotton that is used to remove make up. Our facial cotton (cotton pad) made from Spunlace Cotton made with the most advanced water jet system and has a high quality product. Our beauty cotton made from 100% pure cotton that is safe for our skin, including babies. Our beauty cotton packed in various sizes: 30g, 45g, 50g, 75g and 100g or by as a request.

Cotton Bud

Cotton bud is a naming of daily ear cleaning apparatus or product is used by adults, children up to babies. Cotton bud product has been popular in the last 15 up to 20 years, as a disposal product which is daily ussages. CottonindoAriesta is a pioneer of local manufacturer for cotton bud product and has been producing it since 1996 or since last 22 years. It may be said that Cottonindowhose “teaching and being popularized” cotton bud for the Indonesian market.

Cottonindo which produce cotton swabs are made from a combination of high cotton sliver, hygineis and made of plastic stick made of pure plastic (not recycle). Its safe for our ears and for babies. Available for Adult and Baby packed in Refill 100 pcs, Drum 100 pcs, Drum 200 pcs with different shape like Regular, Stopper and Applicator.