A ​short ​stick with a ​small ​amount of ​cotton on each end that is used for ​cleaning, ​especially the ​ears’

Our Cotton swabs are made from a combination of high cotton sliver and plastic stick made of pure plastic (not recycle).

Its safe for our ears and babies.

Available for Adult and Baby packed in Refill 100, Drum 100, Drum 200 with different shape like Regular, Stopper and Applicator.


Type of Cotton Buds / Cotton Swabs :
– Regular ( Adult and Baby )
– Spiral
– Combination of Round Pressed and Soft Pointed


Packaging :
– Refill 100 pcs
– Drum Case 30 pcs, 100 pcs, 160 pcs and 200 pcs
– Soft Case 55 pcs
– Safety Plastic Stick
– 100% Absorbent Cotton of High Quality
– White Color