A sliver (rhymes with diver) is a long bundle of fibre that is generally used to spin yarn. A sliver is created by carding or combing the fibre, which is then drawn into long strips where the fibre is parallel.  When sliver is drawn further and given a slight twist, it becomes roving.]

Cotton Sliver is material for making cotton bud, cotton balls, and head bandused in Beauty Salon )

Our Cotton Sliver size is available from 0.85 g/m to 18 g/m.

Our material will make your finished products have superior and consistent quality, much higher yield and overall efficiency.


Type of Cotton Sliver :

  • Cotton Sliver 0.85 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 1.2 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 1.3 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 2.3 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 4.0 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 5.0 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 10.0 g/m
  • Cotton Sliver 18.0 g/m

Customer Requirement :

– 100 % Pure Cotton and Highly absorbent
– Use For : Cotton Sliver are used for making cotton balls, cotton buds, Head band, etc
– Available in packing of 10.0 Kilogram ( Netto ), 12.0 Kilogram ( Brutto )


Term of Export :
M.O.Q : 1 Container 20 Std or 1,750 Kgs
Price : F.O.B Jakarta Port or C & F Destination port
Lead Time : 1 Month after P.O