Cotton Roll

Cotton roll is a type of highly absorbent cotton wool. Used as a primary wound dressing bandage, this gamgee roll helps in absorbency and promotes healing and protects wounds. We offer a variety of Absorbent Cotton Rolls, which are one of the most basic wound care products in use world wide.


Cotton Bud Machine

Our cotton bud machine are  modern and high technology finishing machine,including cotton swab making machine and continuing with draying process, etc. This Machine only need 3-4 person to complete the operation.  

The machines have excellent design, excellent configuration, excellent workmanship, exquisite cotton products, economic power and other characteristics, it is the best choice to produce cotton bud product.  

In the near future, Cottonindo will provide the most modern machine configuration, the highest technology to provide the efficiency and high speed process and produce the high quality product as well.  

Cottonindo is the professional manufacturer of cotton swab in Indonesia with series of several machines configuration to full fill high quality product from the clients needed.