PT Cottonindo Ariesta Tbk. sell it’s stock (“KPAS”as a stock code) on Friday, October 5, 2018 in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). Cottonindo, who has exixsted for the 24 years in the beauty and health cotton industry for the Indonesian market, released 34.9% of its shares will be used this fund to buy a new factory in Subang and buy several machines to expand the business. The total issuance of new shares offered to the public are 268,000,000 shares.

As an initial investor KPAS has grant of each investor with has  a 4 shares and giving 1 warrant as a “sweatener,” the total warrants issued by KPAS are 67,000,000 warrants. KPAS’s warranthave a value of Rp. 260, –

Cottonindo Ariesta is the number 40th emitento sell its stock in the Indonesia Stock Exchange for IPO in 2018. In participating on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Cottonindo increases the number of second stock board members that have a great potential to grow and develop. Developing in a corporate performance, because Cottonindo has a solid market base in Indonesia by working with a number of leading “retail chain” in Indonesia such as: Carrefour, Indomaret, Alfamart, Hypermart, Lottemart, Borma, Yogya Group, and others modern outlet in other cities.

Cottonindo Ariesta do a private label products for Carrefour, Indomaret, Alfamart, Hypermart, Lottemart, Borma, Yogya Group, namely for cosmetic cotton and cottonbud products. In addition to making private labels, Cottonindo also sells its own brand products in the modern retailer, such as brands: Wellness, Mellrose, Mawar and Cotta.

Cottonindo Ariesta just not only in supplying Wellness, Mellrose, Mawar and Cottam products through modern retail out let, company also sells via conventional retail chains, which spread from Sabang in Aceh Province to Papua Island in eastern Indonesia, and starting from North Sulawesi (which located near to Philipina) to the Timor islands region. Cottonindo Ariesta’s products have spread evenly throughout Indonesia.

Beside supplying for Indonesian consumers, Cottonindo Ariesta also experience in doing exports to for such countries: Australia, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, HK, China, Taiwan, etc. Cottonindo Ariesta’s exports bring in foreign exchange for Indonesia.

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