PT Cottonindo Ariesta Tbk. as the capital market issuer, will conduct the Annual General Meeting of
Shareholders 2019 and Public Expose on :

Day / Date : Tuesday / March 25, 2020
Venue : Cottonindo Office, Meeting Room, Level 2; JL. Holis No. 442A, Bandung 40212
Annual GMS : 09:00 WIB (Western Indonesian Time) up to end
PUBEX Implementation : 14:30 – 15:30 WIB (Western Indonesian Time)

Participants who are entitled to attend the 2019 Annual GMS 2019, are the shareholders of PT.
Cottonindo Ariesta Tbk. (KPAS) whom listed on the Record Date, of the closing market of trading in the
IDX at the end of 2nd Session; dated on 30 July 2020.

Hence the RUPST is being held in the midst of the 19th virus pendemic, like most other issuers (emiten)
and based on the Capital Market Regulatory rules, the AGM will be held using the electronic RUPS and
using the eASY.KSEI facility.

Issuers suggest to Shareholders or their Proxieswho will be attending the 2019 AGM, please register via
eASY.KSEI. Because restrictions on direct attendance at meetings, and the avalibility place must be
limited and the physical distancing have to be applied.

Related to a health reasons, there are limitation attanding will be appplied in this meeting, however if
the Shareholders or their Proxies intend to attend physically at the meeting, we suggest, please first
register with the AGMS Committee or coordinate with the Stock Administration Exchange (BAE) the
issuer, PT Adimitra Jasa Korpora (021) 29745222 which will coordinate with the issuer. The issuers have
an direct access to Shareholders by e-mail:

Announcements and Summons for the investor’s of GMS 2019 are made online, namely via: and eASY.KSEI, and; the issuer did not do the
announcements and summons through national newspaper advertisemens as previously carried out.
Shareholders or their Proxies can access each of those web sites, how to register for meetings through
eASY.KSEI, how to use them, and other technical aspects, their use and procedures can be learned from
the eASY.KSEI access. This information can also be accessed by Shareholders and download through

Issuers impose GMS Rules and Regulations restricting attendance of attendees of this meeting, so that if
Shareholders intend to attend the meeting directly, it is recommended that the names of Shareholders
or their Proxies have been registered in advance so that they can be adjusted to the capacity of the
meeting room. Issuers are forced to limit the number of meeting participants directly, because they
apply physical distancing in this meeting.

This limitation has to apply hence for the good reasons to preventing the transmission of the covid virus
19 and following the government’s protocol that applies in office buildings. Shareholders who intend to
come to the meeting, for advanced are advised to send an e-mail to the Meeting Committee regarding
their purpose, to:

The Meeting Committee will provide an answer via e-mail, in the form of a Confirmation Letter on the
availability of places in the meeting, no later than 1 (one) day before the meeting will be held. So that
meeting participants who will be present directly, can ensure themselves available place for him in the
meeting room.

PT Cottoninindo Ariesta Tbk. on the same day, August 25, 2020, after lunch break (ISOMA) will hold a
Public Expose (Pubex), which will be held PK: 14: 30 WIB (Western Indonesian Time) for approximately
one hour, the implementation of Pubex also implements measures to limit the physical/ direct presence
from the Shareholders and invitations. We plan to use the zoom application or other applications which
will be notified later. KPAS shareholders or their proxies who are potential Pubex participants are
expected to notify their planned presence by sending an e-mail to the Committee at :

The Pubex Committee will confirm in a similar way to the availability of places in the meeting room
when the AGM takes place by sending via e-mail, access to attend the Pubex event.

The theme of the Pubex included giving a discussion about:

− Business Review of the Company 2019
− The Company’s Operational Performance in 2019
− Company’s Financial Performance 2019
− Business Prospects, Business Challenges, and Corporate Strategy 2020

This PUBEX event will take approximately 1 (one) hour and we urge Shareholders who will take part in
the Pubex event to send their questions via e-mail to:
Pubex’s Material will be loaded up not later than the day of PUBEX, which can be downloaded by Pubex
participants on the web site:

Once again, the 2019 KPAS RUPS Committee informed that in this brief, all Regulations regarding the
GMS, Forms, Rules of Conduct, Meeting Summons, Information on the Use and Registration of
eASY.KSEI can be downloaded at:

Herewith the PT Cottonindo Ariesta Tbk’s 2019 Annual General Meeting and the Public Expose event
which will be held on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. Wishing the event will be done smoothly and get
benefits to all shareholders and other stake holders.

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